Tuesday, July 1, 2014

First Time Sex With A Shemale

For many years, I have fantasized about sex with a Lady Boy.  For me, it would be the ultimate experience.  You get everything in one package.  Cock, breasts, ass and they are sexy.  There is something beautiful and even mystical about my special ladies.  I yearn to be with you.

Below is a story shared by an anonymous person.  Share your stories with me and let's get turned on together!

I have read several stories of first time sex with Transexuals and none relate to my experience. So for those who are truly curious about how to go about it and what it is like this is my tale.

I have always been a straight guy as far as I know. Married for over 15 years and never strayed once. Early in my life I was close to touching another boys cocks but parental intervention stopped this before it got started. Does that mean I'm a frustrated homosexual? I don't think so. However sometime during my life i began to wonder what it would be like to suck another guys cock and be penetrated. Guys don't turn me on, I tried fantasizing but the reality of hairy blokes just left me cold.

About 2 years ago I began looking at Transexual cocks and realized that I was attracted to the male genitals when surrounded by the female form.

It was at that point that a seed of an idea formed.


There I was in a back lane somewhere in the suburban areas of a UK city looking down a path to the entrance to some slightly salubrious looking flats which fronted a tired row of commercial property.

Prior to this I had been considering how I might do this thing. How to keep it secret and what might go wrong.After extensive research I found a Transexual Escort that was far enough away that it was unlikely I would be seen, but close enough that any meeting could be fitted into a day.

I was very tense as I rang the number from my mobile, seated in my car prior to an early business meeting. My throat was dry and I was shaking. The phone was answered and the person on the other end sounded mature and very female. She gave me directions and we set a time for later that day. I even took cash out of my credit account so that it was all very untraceable.

The whole business meeting I felt like a nervous wreck, my mind running over the reality of what I was about to do and my concentration on the meeting at an all time low. Wow, sucking a cock and getting penetrated in my virgin asshole for the first time. I really wondered if I would go through with it, or simply bolt at the last minute.

I had struggled to find the address and when I did eventually park up, the row of shops looked very forbidding, seedy and slightly run down. it felt as if the world was watching me as I climbed out of the car and dispensed of all my identification and my phone ( I had a dread that somehow I would be contacted and black mailed such was my paranoia).

The path to the flats lead to a slightly open door and I was told to enter and go straight through to the door directly ahead of the entrance.

I knocked and was ushered in to a small apartment. My date was taller than me. She was slim, white with long blond hair and was wearing black knickers and a bra. I didn't dare stare at her so just asked if I could use the toilet first.

When I emerged she showed me into a small bedroom which was lit with a red light. She asked for the money first and I fumbled the cash from my pocket.

She told me to take my clothes off. I had expected this because it's a way to ensure that prostitutes are not going to get incriminated and prosecuted by the law.

I undressed without any formality and piled my clothes up on the chair next to the single bed. The room was very warm and felt quite secluded and intimate.

She asked me to get on the bed and lie face down while she gave me a massage to help me relax. never having had a massage this was an experience in itself. I felt her weight on my buttocks and the warmth of her thighs around my waist. There was a squeezing sound from a bottle and massage oil was dribbled onto my back. The oil was very heady and having her hands work over my body was incredibly sensual, really hot as her hands glided over my buttocks and moved close to my groin. I was happy just lying there and relaxing as she talked to me about what I wanted to do with her. I was half expecting her to say that she wouldn't let me suck her cock, or penetrate me, but she said it would be fine.

She lifted off me slightly and asked me to turn over and lie on my back. She sat back down and began to massage my chest. After a short while she stopped and asked me to put my hands on her. She laughed and said that it was what i had paid for after all.

I didn't waste any time and tugged her panties down and exposed her limp penis. She was shaved and that big purple cock head protruded from the wrinkly foreskin. This was the first time I had been so close to another dick and I filled my mouth full of that delicious fruit. My hand delved inside her skimpy black panties and cupped her soft, warm balls. God they were big, mine felt more like chestnuts and hers were big ripe plums.

Her cock began to grow in my mouth as I sucked and liked the head and shaft. She asked me to be careful with my teeth and I tried my best as her cock swelled to fill my mouth forcing my jaws wide.

At this point she got off me and took that amazing rod from my lips. She was fully erect and from my position her cock looked about nine inches long and I was wondering how the hell I was going to get that monster inside me.

She took off her panties and bra and lay down beside me. I couldn't keep my eyes off that giant between her legs. The head looked like it was about to explode, the skin was tight and smooth and the shaft slightly curved, milky white and veined. I started again. Engulfing that swollen head with my lips and letting my tongue run along the cock slit and along the back of the head. I wanted to take it all in, to savour every moment. I was surprised at just how slippery a cock head actually is, not at all like plain skin it is more of a membrane and it has a taste. In this case I knew it was the taste of a male, not unpleasant and quite arousing because I felt very submissive without being threatened in any way.

I licked her massive balls, I just couldn't get over the size of them and felt a kid of privilege that I was being allowed to hold another persons tender, vulnerable parts in my hand. My tongue picked up the slight coarseness of her closely shaved scrotum, another turn on, and surprisingly I wished she had a full compliment of pubic hair for me to nuzzle into.

I really wanted her to cum in my mouth, but I worried about the possibility of picking something up (not so bad if you are single). She asked me if I wanted to be sucked by her. I nodded and she twisted her body until she could swallow me.

I wasn't really up for having my own dick sucked. It was nice in a way but really didn't turn me on. I kept semi hard as she continued to bob her head up and down my cock and I was aware that my cock looked a lot smaller than hers. Maybe it was the angle and the fact that I was only semi erect but I'm sure her cock was seven inches long compared to my six.

She pulled her mouth from my cock and asked if I had enjoyed it and politely I said yes. next she asked if I wanted to be fucked. I couldn't wait, the thought of a real cock filling me had been a long time fantasy.

She got me to kneel on the bed and push my bottom in the air, She pushed my back down flat like a frog and spead my legs further apart. When she had me in the right position she applied lube to exposed anus and I felt her finger penetrate me.

Wow, just that finger was heaven, it burned slightly as she worked the lube into the muscular ring of my anus and I contacted around her probing finger trying to grip the slippery intruder.

After a few seconds she pulled her finger out and wiped the remaining lube onto my scrotum. Bloody hell it was so damned hot being so exposed and awaiting the first touch of that huge cock that had so recently been filling my mouth to capacity. My mind was reeling from the sexiness of it all and the heady smell of massage oil that permeated the air.

I could hear her open up a condom and I made some daft quip about not getting me pregnant and she laughed which relieved some of the tension. She asked me to relax and to push back onto her when I was ready and to take it easy.

I felt the first touch of her cock as she positioned herself against my virgin hole. This was like jumping out of an airplane for the first time, totally immersed and slightly scary at the same time. I pushed back against her and felt my anus begin to stretch. Phew she was big, as I pushed back harder it felt like a log was being forced into me, but it was so sexy and dirty at the same time. I was determined to have her inside me even if it split me in two so I kept on pushing until my anus burned with the intensity of it and finally I knew the head was inside me. With one more push that huge, fat cock was lodged deep inside my bowels.

She began to work her member backwards and forwards inside me. As she continued the strokes I felt the pain vanish and it was replaced with a simple longing to be fucked harder. With every stroke I could feel the prickle of her shaven balls against the soft flesh of my buttocks as she embedded herself to the hilt. I reached my hand between my legs and felt those twin spheres each time they came into reach.

"Oh" she said, "you really like being fucked by my big dick.". Wow I felt like a bitch, being banged by a young, six foot blonde bombshell with the looks of a female and the strength of a male. She fucked me senseless, turned me on my back and fucked me like a girl with my legs in the air, fucked me on my side while rubbing my cock. She fucked me all ways until my head was spinning with the effort and the physicalness of it.

Finally we returned back to the position where we started and she slid her cock into me deep and slow while using her hand to jack me off. My prostate was pounding from the pressure and I could feel I was ready to explode. After a few more strokes I came into the palm of her hand. A big puddle of cum that she wiped onto the bed covers.

"Quite intense isn't it" she said. "A stronger fuck than plain sex". Phew she was definitely right about that, it felt like my balls had been drained completely and I could hardly stand.

She asked if I would visit again. I said probably not but she smiled wickedly and told me I would be back.

Up to now I haven't been back, but I do think about it from time to time and wonder what it would be like to have that big cock shoot cum onto my tongue.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Penis Enlargement: Fact Or Fiction?

By Donald Zimmer
Re-Posted from:   http://www.askmen.com

Men concerned with enlarging their penises have resorted to all sorts of measures to help them achieve their desired goals.
No doubt, if you're a web surfer, you've seen the ads and the amazing claims. There's so much information and mis-information concerning men and penis enlargement, that one has to wonder just what and who they can really trust and rely upon for sound, healthy information concerning penis enlargement.

it's a scary world

Being a man, I know first-hand what men think and feel about this subject. Being a physician, I can also speak with authority concerning the methods necessary to reach the goal. From a physician's point of view, I can also assert that in almost 20 years of practice, the following are widely held thoughts, feelings, concerns, and sexual facts about men worldwide:
1. Most men who have troubles or difficulty with sexual performance, specifically loss of erectile firmness, won't speak openly with their wives, girlfiends, let alone their primary care doctor.
2. Most men would rather tough it out and try to figure out what's going on by picking up on conversations at work, the health club, friends, the Internet, and yes, even the men's locker room.
3. Men have been told by women that penis size doesn't matter.
4. Erectile Dysfunction (ED) affects 1/3 of men, regardless of age or race.
5. The average penis size is 5.5", according to the Kinsey Study.
6. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in the world.
7. 38,000 men die each year from prostate cancer in the United States and the trend is increasing.
8. Benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH) occurs in 50-75% of men.
9. 90% of men are unhappy with their current penis size, penis length and sexual ability.
10. Most men are interested in enlarging their penis.

Most men currently believe that the only way to "really" develop a larger penis is by using a penis pump; a penis traction or weight device, or by undergoing phalloplasty (penis enlargement surgery). None of them are appropriate choices for the majority of men looking to increase their penis size. Here's why...

Penis Pumps
Considering the adult entertainment industry today, penis pumps are seemingly only advertised in the back pages of men's magazines. Of course, all of them claim the ability to produce an elephantine phallus.
The facts, however, are that pumps are used by men who suffer from chronic insulin dependent diabetes or circulatory disorders (which is why even Medicare will cover their cost).
Men with these conditions have such poor blood circulation due to their sugar metabolism, that they can't even get the blood flowing into the area. What the pump does for these men is stretch the skin and underlying tissues, allowing them to clamp off the blood flow and consequently trap it in their penis. With the clamp firmly in place, they can briefly have sex.
Take the clamp off and the erection goes away. Repeated pump use doesn't increase your size, it only makes your erection depend on it. You might have even seen pumps advertised as "FDA Approved". Well, they are, but only for very specific health issues.
I have not been presented with one legitimate unbiased study concerning penis pumps. What the pumps will do is make your penis semi-erect so you can penetrate an orifice.

Stretching Devices
Many different types of devices are on the market. Most medical phallic appliances are utilized to promote tissue health following surgery to cut the suspensory ligament.
These devices are needed in rare cases in order to alleviate and correct scar/adhesion buildup. Unless you've had penile surgery within the last 24-36 hours, you don't need a stretching device.

Weight Hanging
Hanging weights from the penis has been a practice in place for an estimated 2,000 years. Evidence of this practice continues in certain African tribes. It has even been suggested that the pharaohs of ancient Egypt practiced this method of penis enlargement. However, this doesn't work because it's been shown that even though the length of the penis may increase over a long period of time, its thickness is actually decreased. Depending upon the hanging device, blood circulation also decreases, which can, in turn, cause necrosis (death) of the tissue.

Surgical intervention is needed for some men with various conditions, one of which is called "micro-penis". Penile enhancement through cutting of the suspensory ligament and/or injection with fat leads to possible serious complications and deformity.
Surgery can't increase the penile muscles' strength or length; surgery can't increase your ability to maintain an erection; and surgery can't increase your ability to perform and forcefully ejaculate.
In fact, some studies have shown that suspensory ligament cutting in order to enlarge the penis actually causes a "shortening" of the penis to take place, due to scar formation in the void of the ligament.

Natural Enlargement Method
A group of physicians (myself included) set out to determine if natural penis enlargement is possible. It has taken almost 4 years, but we have determined how to accomplish it without weights, pulleys, stretching devices, injections, or surgery. We have assembled a program that will increase your penis length, width and your ability to perform sexually.
The program does not involve weights, devices, pumps, or surgery. It's all natural, and it is based upon the most recent advances in men's health from leading Universities, including research that won the Nobel Prize 2 years ago.

I encourage you to learn more about the facts and fallacies on penis enlargement, and the natural enlargement technique, by reading the System's Electronic ManualClick Here!

* This feature was brought to you in part by PenisImprovement.com.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Top 10 Sin Cities: No. 4 Las Vegas

Ranking No. 4 on our list of sin cities, Las Vegas is every sinner’s paradise. You can gamble all day and night (even in the airport) and prostitution, while not technically legal, disguises itself in the form of “escort services.” You’ll see plenty advertised on magazine stands and guys will snap escort service cards at you as you walk The Strip. Other available vices in this sin city include taking your drinks outside and finding lurid sex shows at strip clubs or tamer ones at well-known casinos.

Have you ever wanted to shoot an Uzi or a handgun? No problem. Just walk into a local gun shop with a driver’s license. You can even indulge your taste for sinful wine and food at many of the city’s celebrity restaurants, like Thomas Keller’s Bouchon. The greatest part of this sin city, however, is that no matter how dubious the culture, people respect Vegas as a legitimate destination. Go on and sin. It’s an industry here.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Tips For Fondling Nipples

By: BWalter
Break Studios Contributing Writer

So, you need 5 tips for fondling nipples do you? Actually, there’s a multitude of ways to fondle nipples. The man that can successfully fondle a set of nipples has a powerful weapon in the bedroom. So, just how do you fondle nipples correctly? Well, it depends on the nipples you’re fondling. Just because one woman enjoys certain things being done to her nipples doesn’t mean the next woman does. No, the master nipple fondler realizes that paying attention to the woman you’re dealing with will determine just how to fondle her nipples. Here are five tips for fondling nipples, any nipples.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

How to Spank: Sensual Spanking Tips and Tricks

For some, a bit of playful spanking in the bedroom is no-biggie but there's a lot more to knowing how to spank than just some spontaneous hand-to-hind action. 

Going around spanking willy nilly is enough to send anyone running, so if you're into this kind of thing, knowing how to spank sensually and seductively is number one on the list. 

Which is why we've spoken to Allison England who teaches her own Secret salon classes at 
Coco De Mer showing people how to get to grips with the art of sensual spanking, so yeah she knows what she's doing.

So for anyone wanting to learn how to spank, Alison has let us in on her 5 top tips to whip anyone into an absolute frenzy. 

Alison says: "Some items used to spank and flog can look a bit scary and put people off but with a bit of information on how to choose and use an implement these items feel amazing.

Plus, the bum - everywhere from the anus, the immediate surrounding area and down to the groin - is full of nerve endings waiting and wanting to be stimulated and teased and I can show you how."

Friday, April 5, 2013

12 Anal Sex Rules For Women

Anal sex is one of the many pleasurable acts we can perform with our bodies, but it often carries with it apprehension or fear. The anus is a sensitive orifice with thousands of nerve endings, which can deliver both pleasure and pain. The trick to enjoying anal sex is knowing how to relax, communicate with your partner, and gradually build up to full penetration.

If you’re considering anal sex with your partner, safety and preparation are paramount. You’ll want to keep these basic rules in mind.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

50 Tips on How to Give a Great Blow Job

Originally posted by John
We've created these 50 tips for you, so that you can create miracles with your mouth, and simply give your guy the most mind-blowing pleasure of his life.

1. Talk Dirty

The right words are often more powerful than the best blow job techniques. A man’s orgasm happens in his mind; saying what he doesn't even know he desires to hear can trigger an instant orgasm.
Most women are quiet and make an “I’m-working-on-an-important-assignment” face, without saying a single word.
Why so serious? Relax… have fun with it. Nobody expects you to talk while having a penis in your mouth, stop for a second, take a breath… smile… give him a compliment, tell him you’re enjoying yourself, ask him for feedback, or tell him what you want him to do.
The “rule” for blowjob dirty talk is: whatever you say, say it with complete belief.
If you are afraid that what you say will sound too fake or awkward: it will.

Believe in what you say and say it fearlessly, and anything you say will sound great. There’s nothing clean about a blowjob, so don’t try to be classy about it once you are already on your knees.
Never forget that how you say it is more important than what you say. You don’t need “dirty talking lines,” you need playfulness and the confidence to let go of your fear of being looked down upon for talking dirty. He wants you to be slutty, so give yourself permission to cross the line.
Also, know that saying anything is usually better than saying nothing at all. You don’t want him to feel as if you are in your head, thinking, worrying, and giving him the “this-is-rocket-science” serious face. So speak up!