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12 Anal Sex Rules For Women

Asa Akira ButtPlowed

Anal sex is one of the many pleasurable acts we can perform with our bodies, but it often carries with it apprehension or fear. The anus is a sensitive orifice with thousands of nerve endings, which can deliver both pleasure and pain. The trick to enjoying anal sex is knowing how to relax, communicate with your partner, and gradually build up to full penetration.
If you’re considering anal sex with your partner, safety and preparation are paramount. You’ll want to keep these basic rules in mind.


ANAL SEX RULE #1 Talk about having anal sex before you do it.

Ask your lover what they like best about anal sex, emotionally and sexually. What is their favorite anal sex position? Do they want to use anal sex toys and what are their concerns? Be sure to share your wants, needs and anxieties since people cannot read their partner’s minds.

ANAL SEX RULE # 2 Keep the anus healthy and clean

Cleaning the anus is the best way to get started on your anal adventure.
You can use an anal douche or enema to cleanse the anal passage, as both will leave the worries behind of uncleanliness.
Then set the mood by enjoying a bath together! Washing and stimulating the woman’s back and buttocks with plenty of leisurely love is the perfect way to help her to relax and build trust for a source of great pleasure. It’s also a great way to warm the anus up to the idea of being touched and penetrated.

ANAL SEX RULE #3 Begin with external buttock massage before anal play

Caressing a woman’s body can create an intimate connection and build sensual anticipation that leads to increasing her sexual desires.  One of the easiest ways to give a pre-anal massage is to have the woman kneeling on her hands and knees. This position gives the man easy access to her backside for her increased pleasure and provides him with an erotic visual. Spread massage glide or lubricant over her back and work your way down towards her buttocks. This can help her to unwind and heighten sensations around her anus.

ANAL SEX RULE #4 Communicate readiness when the anal muscles are physically relaxed and you, ladies, are emotionally ready

When a woman is ready for anal fingering to commence, good communication skills are essential. Slowly, gently ease the finger (covered by a finger cot and plenty of lube) into the anus and wait for it to pucker over the finger before moving it in any further.
When your finger is in to the first knuckle, make sure to check-in with your partner. How does this feel? Remind her to breathe slowly and deeply as this can also affect the anal muscles. Tensing the anus and then letting go is a good way of learning to relax it.

ANAL SEX RULE #5 Anal sex penetrative toys must have a flared base so that if you lose your grasp, it will not slip into the rectum and become irretrievable

Butt plugs with a flared base are good for warming up the anus by getting the muscles to relax, especially for beginners. The tissues of the anus and rectum are fragile, so you always want to start out with the smallest butt plug with a narrow tip and a gradual taper covered in plenty of lube for slow gentle insertion and removal. Evolved’s Anal Stopper has an attachable flared base, which prevents it from being sucked into the rectum.

ANAL SEX RULE #6 To avoid health risks; use a barrier for anilingus, finger cot for anal fingering and a condom for anal penetration

It is imperative to practice safer sex during anal sex to prevent the transmission of STD’s and bacteria. Anilingus can be performed using a dental dam, split condom, or even kitchen plastic wrap as a barrier.
Before anal penetration, a woman can stimulate her man’s testicles while he is putting on his condom to help him maintain his erection and keep the mood seductive.

ANAL SEX RULE #7 Use smaller objects for partial penetration and gradually work up to larger ones before full penetration

Anal beads with multiple widths are a great way to build up momentum, as they start small and get progressively larger. Some women enjoy the sensation of the beads slowly stretching their anus, while others love the full feeling when all of the beads are inside them. They can be removed one by one or as one long strand of beads all at the same time during orgasm. Just be sure to add plenty of lube before inserting anal beads and wash them after each and every use.

ANAL SEX RULE #8 Never go from anal play to vaginal play without washing your mouth, finger, sex toy or changing a condom

Because the anus is also used for bodily elimination, you must keep any anal penetration separate from vaginal penetration to avoid bacterial contact. Thoroughly wash body parts and/or toys in between with soap and water or sex toy cleaner.

ANAL SEX RULE #9 Anal penetration requires lots of lubricant

Use lubes especially formulated for anal sex such as water-based or silicone.
The anus needs to be thoroughly lubricated throughout the entire process of anal sex. Keep applying more lube as you go, checking in with your partner to make sure she’s enjoying a smoother, silkier experience. Also, always be sure to add lube to the tip of toys before inserting them anally.

ANAL SEX RULE #10 Always start anal penetration gently and in slow motion

Always start out slow with shallow strokes, and then increase the speed and depth.
Remember that the rectum is not a straight line, but tilts toward the front of the body in the beginning, then curves back as you go deeper and finally tilts toward the front of the body again at the deepest level. It’s not a race to get all the way inside, but rather a slow exploration that will satisfy you both.

ANAL SEX RULE #11: The woman is always in control of anal penetration

A woman needs to know that you respect her limits and will not go deeper or faster than she is ready for. Go slow and allow her to ‘call the shots’ on the next level of penetration. The more she can trust her partner, the more relaxed she will be. So, it goes without saying that you must have good communication during anal sex.

ANAL SEX RULE #12 Relax and have fun

Create more intimacy by kissing with your eyes open and using synchronized breathing.
Try placing a hand on your lover’s heart to create an intimate energetic connection.
Remember, the best anal sex positions are the ones that work best for you and your lover!
Afterwards, talk to your partner about the experience, find out what they liked or didn’t like and most importantly, be sure to give them your feedback too.
A lot of curious couples wonder if ‘everybody’s doing it,’ and it turns out that anal sex is quite popular.  In 2005, The Center for Disease Control (CDC) survey found that 40% of females ages 24-44 engaged in anal sex, and in the Journal of Sexual Medicine it is noted that the highest percentage of women in any age group who admitted to anal sex is now 46%, up from 33 % in 1992.  In a survey of 100,000 Playboy readers, 61 percent of the women admitted to having tried anal sex.

The 3 E’s for Anal Sex Toys

There are some excellent toys on the market made specifically for anal sex. Using toys can help encourage communication with your partner by giving you both a focal point for discussion and for play. If you can talk about how to engage with the toy, then you can more easily communicate your level of comfort and pleasure, which is vital to share with each other as you try out new positions.
To keep things simple, remember the three E’s of anal sex toys:
•    Enhance love making for you and your partner.
•    Excite your body as preparation for more intimacy.
•    Enable orgasms to happen.
Toys enhance your lovemaking through better communication and the thrill of trying something new. They excite your body by preparing the anus for penetration. You can start off with small toys and work your way up, not necessarily all in the same session! Toys also enable orgasms, such as the use of anal beads to stimulate the G-spot into full arousal.
Take the uneasiness out of anal sex by following these rules, and always have you and your partner’s comfort and pleasure at the top of your agenda. With great communication and careful preparation, anal sex can be a wonderful release and an incredibly sensual experience!
To find out more about the pleasure of anal sex, watch Dr. Ava’s Guide To Anal Sex For Women, which features live demonstrations of all the information above, plus many interesting and provocative positions to try.

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Top 10 Sin Cities: No. 3 - Amsterdam

The international destination for 4/20 and Harold and Kumar fans everywhere, Amsterdam has tons of cannabis cafes where you can buy hash and marijuana, smoke it and then order food to curb your munchies. Once you’ve peaked, walk over to the city’s red light district where you can look at prostitutes who on display for anyone who's interested. Finish up your day by checking out a live sex show where various acts are performed on stage, including couples doing the real thing. The greatest part: It’s all legal. Not only can you sin, but you can do it paranoia-free.

There are various forms of prostitution in Amsterdam, and the one that is most popular is the Red Light District and its seductive window prostitutes. This is something that will catch attention of almost every tourist staying in Amsterdam unlike the three other available forms of prostitution, which may give you as much pleasure as the RLD. The only thing you are to do is get informed about the way they work and where they take place. These Amsterdam prostitutes places include a lot of private houses, sex clubs and escort agencies besides the irresistible window girls in the RLD. These places are not as striking as the RLD windows, but that does not affect their power and quality of the services provided.
  • Escort services - are provided at outcall escort agencies in Amsterdam like in most Western countries, but these in Amsterdam are special for not being illegal. The escort agencies will send a girl or a woman to your hotel room or apartment as quickly as possible. If you want to be sure that all these ladies are very attractive, you can check out one of the many escort agencies websites.
  • Sex clubs- are very popular places where you can enjoy Amsterdam prostitutes. These clubs may vary from very large to rather small ones, from quite cozy to modest ones. They appear as a combination of a brothel and a bar, charging their customers between €150 and €200 for an hour’s fun with a girl in a private room. However, if you want to avoid considerably extra commissions (around €75), taken by taxi drivers who might take advantage of new tourists, choose some other means of transport to these places. You might also be charged extra money as a part of your fee.
  • Private houses- are a suitable option if you want to enjoy Amsterdam prostitutes in privacy, comfort and at prices lower than those in the RLD. These houses are small brothels different from sex clubs as they don’t have bars, but they will offer you a desired drink in your room or the lounge. If you don’t want to be seen negotiating in the street or experiencing notorious sex in the district, this seems to be your perfect choice.

How private Amsterdam Brothels Work?

Most Amsterdam brothels of this kind are situated in the residential area and it is usually a large apartment or a converted house. The only thing that shows this is a brothel is a small, discreet sign attached to the front door or a symbol of the credit cards they accept as a payment. After you knock at the door, you are greeted by a hostess and led into a comfortable room. Unlike in sex clubs, their policy is not to have their customers seen by each other, so you are alone in the room and shortly after you arrive, you are given the list of costs and options. When you have told the hostess your wishes, she will introduce available prostitutes to you. You will pick a girl you like and, after they come and go, tell the hostess the name of the sexy girl you want to have fun with. There are usually between 5 to 10 prostitutes working at a time at these amsterdam brothels, which depends on the day of the week. If you like none of them, you are free to leave without having to pay. The girl you have chosen will come and accompany you to a private room with clean bed sheets. There may be a room with a shower or a bath which will probably cost more. Before the sex game starts, you will be asked to take a shower and if you are lucky, she will join you. Than a body massage follows but you can skip it if you do not relish one. If you pay for an hour but want to stay longer, you may prolong the fun and pay extra money. You can also make a girl have another round in an hour, but you might be rebuffed by a girl as it depends on her. Those who are at the brothel for the first time are advised to start with half an hour, as they may feel uncomfortable at first. However, if you are not satisfied and don’t want to use up your hour, you won’t be given a refund. At some brothels you will be told when you are running out of time, but some will just let you enjoy and charge the extra time. Before your time is up, you need to get dressed and on leaving the room the hostess or the girl will make sure that the lounge area is not occupied by other customers. It lets you leave the place discreetly.

Prices for Amsterdam Brothels

These brothels services are actually cheaper than the Red Light District windows, although they are cozy and discreet. A 15 to 20-minute “suck and fuck” fun in the RLD usually costs €50 and this is usually performed on a small bed, without the chance to change what you have agreed to. At the private house brothels they usually charge you €80 for a full hour, or €55 for half an hour, and if you want a bath (and sometimes even a shower), it will cost you €10 to €40 extra. If you have special desires that some girls might refuse, that will cost extra if they agree, but regardless of that it is all-inclusive. You can pay in cash or with a credit card, while when using a credit card you may be charged extra - around 10 % of the price. Tipping is optional and some recommend tips at the beginning, some recommend at the end, which will surely leave a good impression.

Amsterdam Sex Clubs & Escort Agencies  


 Escort Agencies         
Online Booking!
Go to the Escorts Elegance online booking form! Or call us at: +31 (0)6 52 5165 20
Top Escort Amsterdam

Escort Girls Amsterdam
Girls Company; High Class Escortservice in Amsterdam.
To heighten the pleasure we have carefully selected the finest toys and accessories for your erotic experience with a petite escort. The Lovebox will give you and the escort extra pleasure during an already exhilarating encounter. Do you want to make the absolute most of your date with a petite escort don't forget to order the Lovebox.
Escort Service Amsterdam is an escort girls agency that services the higher end of the market. Escort Service Amsterdam only offers top league, sophisticated, stylish, well traveled and educated escorts in Amsterdam.  Our service  is 100% discreet and  we make sure your fully enjoy and never forget your night out in Amsterdam. Escort Service Amsterdam provides your dream evening.

Dreams and Desires High Class Escort
The most exclusive escort service to upscale gentlemen, businessmen and couples. Our elite Dutch escort models are stunningly beautiful, elegant, intelligent, friendly and fun Dutch ladies. They will please you with a real girlfriend experience and will let your dreams and desires come true! Massage, dinner date, exciting time in your hotel ... your pleasure is guaranteed.

Erotic massage hotel service

Yantra Escorts
Yantra only work with high class escorts, like penthouse and playboy models for a nice evening out,or a nice couple of hours in your hotel room. For the higher end clientele..

Real Women is an escort girls agency with plenty of style and experience in this branche. The elegant and sophisticated blondes and brunettes that we represent can entertain you for a night out or intimate moments in Amsterdam.
Anna Escort
If you are searching for a no strings attached relationship with company that is both intelligent and beautiful... then you've found me! View the website for more information about me and my girlfriends.

Sex Clubs

Escort service amsterdam 
Escorts Amsterdam Elegance, elegant ladies at your service in Amsterdam plus Rotterdam 24 hours a day. Contact us at or phone: 0031-6 51 52 65 20 

Club Elegance
Located at Nicolaus Witsenkade 38,
Phone 627 9788
Opens 4pm to 4am
Club Elegance actually live up to it's name but in a sleazy kind of way but it you go after dark you will miss this as it's not visible at night. € 75 admission fee is charged at the door but your first five drinks are included but if none of the girls working do not give you a stiffie, you may leave at any time minus your admission fee. But the night I attended there were about 15 girls working but more kept arriving all the time I was there (Out on hotel visits I suspected); anyway a girl for every taste unless your gay of course. A bit Pricey @ Euro 175 an hour + entry fee.
Club Non-Stop 
Located at MotorKade 4,
Phone 632 6520
Opens 10pm to 10am
NO report on this place so we have to take what they say on their web site "Our 25 ravishing hostesses will make you feel comfortable and they will "for fill" all your fantasies".
Collection by car service (You have been warned)
No rates quoted either.

Club Mayfair 
Located at Roompotstraat 1
Phone 676 24 20
"Free" limo service is available. (As you know, Nothing free in this world)

Golden Key  (No web site)
Located at Overtoom 294,
Phone 612 4078
Nothings much to say about this place, never been. They operate the taxi scam and change admission fee at the door. I have read bad reviews of this place so be warned.

Jan Bik  
Amsterdam branch located at Buitenwieringenstraat 3-5 (Branches in most Dutch cities)
Phone 622 2785
Opening hours 12.01am to 6am
Known locally as Jan Bik and without entrance fee. They offer most reasonably priced sex in town. Nice ladies willing and able to provide GFE. A full hour of pleasant sex with a friendly lady at less than 100 euros in a comfortable room is good value for money. No playboy models found here but mature good natured service providers.
Tools of the Trade - Whips and Chains excite me
  Societé Anonyme 
  Located at Stadhouderskade 64,
  Phone 662 4952
  Located near the Rijksmuseum within walking distance from the  Leidseplein square and close to Holland Casino just     in case you  fancy trying to win your money back after visiting the club.
  Royal Society Models  
  Located at Stadhouderkade 61, Phone 577 4922. Located very near Societe Anonyme as the address indicates but you will find the same women working in both places as it is the same place but operates under a different name.  Tools of the Trade at JanBiks during day time. I really liked this place. Nice surroundings and lovely pretty women.

Princess Gentlemen's Club
Located at Westeinde 18
Phone 330 5200
It's opened from 8pm to 4am and only on week nights (Strange).
No report to tell.
Located at Overtoom 558,
Phone 616 0314
Operates the taxi scam so avoid the taxi service and follow the above instructions.  Complimentary drinks and "Happy hours" are till 7 pm I.E - Cheaper Sex
You can get a tram to the Overtoom or get a taxi (not directly to club) There is a cafe close by called  CafeTer Brugge at Overtoom 578, get out here, wait till taxi leaves and walk back to club.
Congratulations you have just saved yourself € 75.

Private brothel houses are not allowed serve alcohol so do not have a bar. Drinks are delivered to your room (under the counter job). If works a lot like the clubs except you never meet other clientele in the place so discretion and anonymity are guaranteed.
On arrival you are met by a manageress (Momma) and shown into a reception area and then one by one each of the available girls enter and introduce themselves to you. If you fancy one of them you  simply tell the manageress and the girl will escort you to an available room  If none take your fancy you can simply get up and go and pay nothing.
Worth noting is none of the private brothels are involved in the taxi and champagne scams which most all the private cubs are into.
Amsterdam Prive
Located at Overtoom 443,
Phone 618 9110
One block up and across the street from Ria's, who also own it.
Located at 70 Willem De Zwijgerlaan,
Phone 618 4069
Located quite far from the city centre so a tram is the best way to get to it. On arrival you will be greeted by a woman who will ask if you are a returning customer. Not many girls working here at any one time only around five. The hostess will inform you how many are on and would you like to meet them. Sessions include a sexy massage before moving on to the main course and are times in 30 minute sessions. Rooms have no Jacuzzi  but are clean.
Chiang Mai (No Web site) 
Located at Barndesteeg 9, off Nieuwmarkt close to red-light
No sex here only massage. Visited here with a friend of mine. You are escorted into a large livingroom / lounge sort of place where you can have a beer while picking your masseuse from a
selection of around seven girls. The massage varies from girl to girl but in general it's not a bad traditional Thai style massage. The 1 hour option includes body to body massage and for an extra fee a hand job is offered but NO intercourse. Not expensive so a tip to the girl is expected.
Club Bianca (No web Site)
Located at Amstelveenseweg 145,
Phone 662 4280
No report on this place. A tram ride away (Tram number 2) get off at the Amstelveensweg stop and your beside it.
Salon Bali (No web site)
Located at Admiraal de Ruiterweg 419,
No report on this place,
Phone 682 2782
Love Club 21 (No web site)
Located at Koestraat 21, (just off Nieuwmarkt)
Phone 620 5307
Located in a lane off Nieuwmarkt square Club 21 is more like a private house than a club so  do not expect a fancy place. You are greeted and shown into a small lounge where the girls are and you take your pick. You then wait while the arrangements are made and if you ordered a drink you have to wait for this also with all the other girls you didn't pick watching you.
The "menu" has several options ranging from a thirty minute massage to sixty minute massage with sex.
Park 118
Located at Sarphatipark 118
Phone 672 3022
Several locations in the Netherlands.
Laid back friendly place with between 5 -10 girls working at any one time but age and beauty vary quite a bit.
Romantisch Prive (No web site)
Located at Middenweg 89a
Open from Monday to Saturday 9am to 12 midnight. closed Sundays.
Phone 692 5183
Located near Amstel Station owned and operated by Park 118 owners. .

Massage Parlor's

Vienna Massage
Located at Rijnstraat 224,
Phone 612 3444.
This place advertises it self as a massage parlor but do not really offer massage, just sex so it's more like a private brothel club than a massage parlor. Very discrete entrance and quite easy to miss, look for a white door with a gold plaque on it and write down the address before going. They also offer a call out escort service.  
Sabailand Traditional Thai Massage 
Located at Marnixstraat 155,
Phone 623 5827
Sabailand the place to go for a real Thai massage, located in the Jordaan area.
Some of the girls offer "Extra special services"
Siri Massages (No Web Site)
Located at Admiraal de Ruijterweg 402, Bos En Lommer
Phone (Mobile Number) 061 1156739
A small plaque next to the buzzer on the door says they provide physiotherapy and sports massage.  On entering you are welcomed and shown into the waiting area
Once you select  your masseuse she leads you to a room and heads off to get water and some oils and stuff. She then stripes off and gets to work on you.
Extra services are also offered to certain guests.  There are several other clubs in this area.
Open weekdays only.

Parenclubs / Swinger Clubs
Swinger clubs, meet someone interesting and fuck them there and then, what could be better.  Parenclubs specializes in public group action and more. Facilities vary from beautiful to simple bars. See this site to read peoples comments on Brothels, Gang Bangs, FKK Clubs, Partytreff Clubs, Swingers Clubs, and lots of information on Prostitutes in general.
Club Paradise
Located at Schaafstraat 26,
Phone 637 3416
If Paradise is half as nice I cannot wait to get there. This place is for the open minded kind of person and not for the faint hearted. You have it all here gang bangs, group sex, males, females, gays, lesbians and orgies with people having sex all over the place right in front of your eyes.
Dress code once inside is towel only. Singles Monday to Friday only, Weekends are reserved for couples and special events like gang bangs when women are hired to provide extra pussy (men always out number women). Group and private rooms, large lounges, excellent spa facilities, large disco bar all combined makes this a fine place.
Admission charges differ depending on the day.
Candy Club
Located at Eikenweg 29,
Phone 694 7379
The oldest swingers club in town if not the world. More gang bang stuff here. Friday night is gang bang night, Saturday nights are couples only. while Sunday see the  "Pleasure Dome"  when everyone is welcome. This is you bargain basement swingers club and offer zero facilities are offered.(your clothes lie where they drop). Their slogan is "where everything is allowed and nothing is obliged".
Located at Nassaukade 120.
Phone 475 1981
This is a crazy place where anything can happen and usually does. It's a bar / cafe type place where the clients provide the entertainment and I don't mean singing. Sex man sex, and plenty of it. You will find people doing in on the table next to you, on the bar and every corner will be taken  For the leather heads there is a torture and bondage a dungeon provided in the basement. Regular theme nights during the month and appropriate dress is encouraged.

Other Clubs.
Chantal (No Website)
Located at Schipholweg 979
Phone 555 1367
Club LV
Located at Middenweg 144
Phone 663 6662
Hip, hop and happening, Club lV is the place to be.
Coby Privehuis  (No Website)
Located at Haarlemmermeerstraat 42
Phone 615 5104
Exploitanten Relaxbedrijven (No Web Site)
Located at Quellijnstraat 77
Phone 662 3619
Gigi Massagesalon (No Web site)
Located at Bos en Lommerweg 72
Phone 488 5511
Golden Love Birds (No Web Site)
Located at Sloterkade 19
tel: 020-669-6687
J.J. Onel (No web site)
Located at Adm. de Ruijterweg 248
Phone 688 5653
Kwikie (No Web Site)
Located at Bos en Lommerweg 72
Male madam here running the show here, a young Asian guy mid twenties  He seemed pretty cool and chilled. The door opens up into a large parlor. Only 2 girls on duty and not the best looking. Euro 50 for sex with kissing an extra Euro 20.
Phone 683 5318
Milau (No web site)
Bos en Lommerweg 177
Phone 682 4405
Sex from Euro 60 per hour.
Satyricon (No Web Site)
Located at Roompotsstraat 1
Phone 676 2420
No info on this place at present.
Salon Claude (No Web Site)
Located at Meerhuizenstraat 25 ll
Phone 675 4412
No report on this place at present.
Schiphol Love Club (Dutch site)
Located at Aalsmeerderdijk 52
Phone 657 0009
Schiphol Love Club, for business and pleasure.
Sexodrom / Sex Palace
Phone 622 3692
Located at Nieuwendijk 74 in the Red light District. This place is not really a club. Half of it is a peep show where you enter a cabin, place Euro 2 in the slot, a window rolls back and in front of you are a couple having sex or a girl fucking herself with a dildo and the other half has loads of video cabins where you can choose from a 1000
video titles (every form of sex you can think of) and have a wank Masturbate) on to the floor. Guys with mops and buckets are constantly cleaning up the cum.
Sneeuwwitje, (No Web Site)
Located at Lutmastraat 211
Phone 662 6986
No report at this time.
Try It (No web site)
Located at Kuiperstraat 86
Phone 662 7091

Gay Escorts and Clubs 
Boys Club (No Website)
Located at Amstel 21
After hours gay club 4am to 8am Friday / Saturday only.
This is where everyone gay heads for who haven't picked up anyone already.
Very small club packed with lovely looking boys and men and loads of mirrors to give the feeling the place is larger than it really is.
50 cents to use the toilet. Drinks Euro 5 / Beer Euro 3
Phone 622 8828
A pay for photo site of all the boy escorts you can book a date with and have them in bed in less than 1 hour.  Thump nail photos of the boys are free to view. You pay to see the good ones.
Michael's Boys
A selection of hot boys to have some fun with. Your Boy, Your place within an hour.
Boys for Men (No Website)
Located at Spuistraat 44
Phone -6381512
Shop, club and cinema offering videos, gay items and real live boys.
Rates are around Euro 140 per hour per boy. (Tips expected)

Clubs outside of Amsterdam 
Amsterdam is not the only place for sex in Netherlands. All over Europe and beyond there are
places offering all types and tastes. Below are a few of the top ones offering something a bit different.
Located at Lagedijk 328, 1544 BN Zaandijk
Phone 075 622 2348
A unique erotic club for broad-minded couples and a select number of singles.
Showboat is a real boat and is large enough to ensure that passengers won't become seasick.
This makes for an exiting and erotic sea adventure.
You have sauna and steam rooms and a large dance floor with live DJs.
Club Fun4Two  
Located at Middelweg 18, Moordrecht
Phone 018 237 8724.
Couples only, described as one of the top parenclubs in all Europe. Never been so cannot comment.
Kasteel Waterloo / (Waterloo Castle)
Located at Old National Road (on the N27) between Roermond and Venlo
Phone 077 474 3030
Situated in beautiful spectacular grounds  It's more a huge house than a castle. A real treat awaits you here.
Fata Morgana
Located at Rijksweg 15 , Muiden (Close to Amsterdam)
Phone (Mobile) 065 0495244
FKK Sauna Clubs / (freedom of body culture)
A German idea recently arrived in Amsterdam.
A sort of  nudist resort.but with a difference, some would call it paradise, a place where you can have sex  with any women you wish too. Place is lovely with gardens, Jacuzzis, saunas, porn cinemas, several bars which serve food.Entrance fee of Euro 60 includes use of all the facilities.
A half-hour sex session with any women you choose  costs an additional €50.
Badda-bing (No Web Site)
Located at Rijksweg 5, 5125 NB Hulten between Tilburg and Breda
Phone 0161 222240
You either like or don't like this place, both good and bad reports have reached us.
Around 10-15 girls selling their wears in this place.
Sauna club Yinyang
Located at Heinsbergerweg 230 6045 CL Roermond-Melick
Phone 0031 475 532 5969
Located in a country estate of 25.000m2. This place looks pretty good.

Golden Time
Located at Heidweg 1, Bruggen, Germany
Phone  0049 2163 8894760
This place really rocks. A .2.5 hour journey from Amsterdam but well worth the journey.
Amazing place really with beautiful outdoor-terrain covering 12000 m²:
Best not do a day visit, book a hotel or Golden Time will do this for you and stay the night. You can go to and from Golden Time and have a shag on every visit.
Entry Fee is Euro 50 and includes everything except the sex. Food and drinks included.