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Sex toys can play a vital role in enriching your sex life.  I use sex toys all the time.  Most of the time I use them for masturbation, but I use them with my lovers and husband as well.  With so many options to choose from, I decided to share some of my favorites with you and as I try new toys, I'll share the details of my experience with you.

My reviews will cover a full range of sex toys.  Check back regularly for new postings.  CC


Doc Johnson - Ass Master Classic – 10”

A dildo you can grow to appreciate.  The first time I used the Ass Master, I thought my asshole would never recover.  It is a solid 10” anal dildo and is not for beginners.  I realized I should have worked my way up to this toy but it looked so intriguing that I could not resist going for it right away.  Although I suffered the consequences for being so ambitious, over time, this toy has turned into a regular anal buddy. 

The Ass Master has a unique, triangular circumference that is somewhat beveled.  It really fits the actual shape of my anus and once I was able to handle larger dildos anally, the triangular shape became very satisfying.  It has a handle, which makes for controlled penetration.  The length of the shaft is perfectly graduated so that I can take in a little at a time without discomfort.  As with most large dildos, the Ass Master should be used by people who have experience using large anal dildos. 

I only use this dildo with my husband.  It was one of the first anal toys we ever purchased together.  Since we love anal sex so much, he takes extra care when using the Ass Master on me to insure he does not cause any tears.

While this is not one of my favorite toys, I do like it and enjoy using it.  I like size and girth.  This toy just proves to be a little too much for me at times.  My husband likes the way it looks when he’s inserting it, so I have decided to keep it in the collection.  I think this is a wonderful toy for those who are experts in anal play and are looking for an intense experience.  Don’t forget the lube with this one!  The Ass Master truly lives up to its name.

Updated 12.10.12

Doc Johnson – The Man Handler – 14.5”

This is an awesome dildo!  When you want a deep, meaty penetration, this is the way to go.  I use it for both vaginal and anal pleasure and my husband gets extra hard when he uses it on me and when I use it on him.  The dildo handle is very flexible which makes self penetration during masturbation easier. Both the length and the handle on the dildo make it easier for me to penetrate my husband and girlfriend while I’m giving them oral pleasure .  This toy is not for the faint of heart.  I recommend it for the size Kings & Queens of the world.  I like that it has soft veins on the shaft.  It makes penetration intense, but without the edge.  It really makes me yearn to feel my husband penetrate me.  I get more aroused when I watch myself in the mirror using this one.  It’s so big.  I get aroused just thinking about it.  Get your mate to smack you on the ass with it.  It’s a total turn on! 

I recently had a fantasy night with my husband and girlfriend.  I used The Mandhandler on my husband first.  He had a massive erection as soon as I penetrated him.  My girlfriend was so excited about his erection that she wanted double vaginal penetration from him and the hefty dildo. I penetrated her with The Manhandler first, then my husband entered her. She came so hard and with more excitement than I had ever seen.  This was one of the hottest nights the three of us ever had together and it’s all thanks to The Manhandler.  I highly recommend this product mainly because you can have loads of orgasms either alone or with your lovers.  We use The Manhandler all of the time.  If size matters, you’ll love this product!

Updated 12.06.12
Doc Johnson 18” Double Dong

This firm, deeply ridged double dildo is an essential item for your toy chest.  I use this for masturbation, and the deeply etched veins provide for intense penetration.  It feels especially nice if you penetrate yourself with one end and stroke the head at the other end.  I feel like I have my own penis while giving myself simultaneous vaginal pleasure. The adventurous types will like this as an anal toy.  I do suggest those who are still training anally, wait before using this dildo.  Work your way up to this one because you could easily hurt yourself.

Updated 11.28.12

Now, this is a shared experience.  If you have tried a toy and want to share your experience, send me the details and we'll post it!  If you want to know what I think about a toy that's not listed, you can send me one :-).  I am always happy to try something new.  Click: Lovehoney Sex Toys to view my wishlist or to select an item you want me to try.  

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  1. We believe couples should shop together for sex toys in sex shop, to figure out what they both want to use to experiment and spice up the sex with.  It is something to do together, so you should shop together whether it is for bondage gear like mouth gags or spanking paddles or strap on or dildos and vibrators to help with double penetration or anal massagers for him or her. so we welcome couple for their easy shopping in sex shop.

    1. Lisa, I fully agree. I also think shopping together spices up your sex life.