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Are You Into Taboo Sex?

Taboo refers to practices that are generally prohibited because of religious or social pressures. But in today's day and age and within reason, things that were once considered inappropriate have become more or less commonplace today. After all, one man's taboo is another man's treasure.

And hey, so long as you're two (or more) consenting adults, whatever you do behind closed doors, in a manner of speaking, is your own business. And although there are certain sexual acts that are no longer considered taboos such as masturbation, oral sex and homosexuality, there are still others that haven't quite made the transition into mainstream just yet.

So what is still considered a taboo? Believe it or not, there are likely certain acts that you indulge in that may be a no-no in the eyes of others. But so long as you're enjoying yourself, everyone else can mind their own business, right?

in and out the back door

Anal Sex

Although anal sex has been the subject of many a man's relationship, it is still considered taboo among many for obvious reasons. Plenty of people see the buttock area as a zone that is meant for the expulsion of waste only. Things come out of there; they shouldn't go in.

And of course, many homophobes also disapprove of the idea of anal sex because they view it solely as a "homosexual" thing to do. But as many women have informed me, they're dead wrong. It's up to you whether you prefer to give or receive.

But on the other side of the spectrum, there are those who are into trying anything once and have discovered that anal sex is a great source of pleasure. After all, that's where a man's G-spot can be found, and when done right, penetrating a woman back there can lead to orgasms for everyone.

Last, but certainly not least, the fact that it is a taboo makes it all the more tantalizing to men and women alike. When someone dictates that something just shouldn't be done, that's basically like encouraging them to head for the anal bull's eye.

who's sucking blood?

Sex during her period

Throughout history, a menstruating woman was looked upon in a negative light. And even today, there are still religions that regard menstruation as "the curse," but it should actually be looked upon in a more welcoming manner. It's a sign of fertility, right?

But onto the more taboo aspect of it all. Having sex with a woman while she's menstruating is regarded as unacceptable not just by many men, but women as well. Lots of couples view intercourse during menstruation as a very unhygienic activity. But avoiding sex while your woman is having her monthly is not necessary, unless of course, she says so.

Some women enjoy making love during this time and feel like their sexual excitement is heightened; perhaps because society dictates that they shouldn't be making love during this time.

And although this may still be considered a huge taboo, some women wear tampons and their men perform cunnilingus on them. I guess some guys are more comfortable than others.

Fetishists, orgy-lovers and voyeurs...

sniffing shoes


Whether you have an obsession with thongs, stiletto heels, pigtails, women's lingerie, latex, feet, necks, or armpits, fetishes have become common among a host of people ranging from all different walks of life.

We all have our little fixations when it comes to sex, whether it involves certain body parts or certain inanimate objects, and although fetishes have become more commonplace than they were just a few years ago, they do still hold that "taboo" stigma.

But not to worry, whatever unusual or common fetish you're into, you can revel in the comfort that there are millions of others who enjoy the same eccentric things you do. And hopefully, you're dating one of them.

party of five

Group sex

Sure, a bunch of men and women getting together for a night of fun might be considered a party, but remove the clothing, add some condoms and a penetrative conga line and you've got yourself an orgy; one of the ultimate taboos.

But wait; nowadays there are private clubs that cater to such events, and you can gather your woman and some friends and head to the nearest orgy joint to get nasty and fruitful -- depending on how you look at it.

Perhaps intimacy between two people is the only acceptable method of lovemaking for you, but there are others who would find nothing more tantalizing than getting naked with an abundance of people to explore what the evening has to offer.

like a watchdog

Voyeur or exhibitionist

If there's one taboo that virtually everyone is guilty of, it's either being a voyeur or an exhibitionist. Men are visual creatures by nature, so using that telescope for something other than stargazing is not out of the ordinary.

On the same note, leaving the blinds open while you engage in your sexual dance may also leave you feeling sexually turned on while others would rather die than have anyone catch them in the act.

But so long as you don't get caught doing anything illegal when you're having your voyeuristic or exhibitionistic episodes, knock yourself out.

now that's gross

As long as there's sex, there will always be taboos to go with it. Sex that involves animals, feces or urine may never make it to mainstream, but people are still doing it and taboos will continue to be part of our culture forever.

So until next time, think about what you would consider taboo and focus on whether or not it adds some element of intrigue to your thoughts.

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