Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Top 10 Sin Cities: #7 New Orleans

Beads, boobs, beer, and bongs make this city the North American choice for Mardi Gras. Its sinful history dates back to the 19th century when it was a mixing ground of music, prostitution, French food, and hedonism. Nowadays, you’ll find a modern mix of this in the city’s French Quarter, with strip joints, porn shops and bars to satisfy your appetite and make the locale one of the most tantalizing sin cities around. The good news: The area has been largely rebuilt since Hurricane Katrina, so you’ll find it accessible.

Prostitution is illegal, but it has a long history here. American Senator David Vitter can attest to this. He got pinched for his regular visits with a Canal Street hooker,  but in a city that advertises “Live Sex Shows” and “Wash the Girl of Your Choice,” sinning is as integral as breathing.

Strip Clubs

New Orleans French Quarter is the raunchiest place for strip clubs. They offer the world, and sometimes it's available. I have seen everything from live sex shows to transvestites there, and that was actually not even in a club; just put in the open on Bourbon Street. The girls are usually pretty nice in a Southern way, and a good time can be had if you find the right girl. Stay away from the clip joint clubs with barkers out front. The real clubs don't need barkers.  Click here for a list of the best NOLA strip clubs


New Orleans has a large swingers scene and is home to several couples festivals, conventions and regular parties. Whether you’re single or a couple, new to the scene or a regular, there is something for everyone. Click here for a buffet of swingers activities.

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