Sunday, May 5, 2013

How to Spank: Sensual Spanking Tips and Tricks

For some, a bit of playful spanking in the bedroom is no-biggie but there's a lot more to knowing how to spank than just some spontaneous hand-to-hind action. 

Going around spanking willy nilly is enough to send anyone running, so if you're into this kind of thing, knowing how to spank sensually and seductively is number one on the list. 

Which is why we've spoken to Allison England who teaches her own Secret salon classes at 
Coco De Mer showing people how to get to grips with the art of sensual spanking, so yeah she knows what she's doing.

So for anyone wanting to learn how to spank, Alison has let us in on her 5 top tips to whip anyone into an absolute frenzy. 

Alison says: "Some items used to spank and flog can look a bit scary and put people off but with a bit of information on how to choose and use an implement these items feel amazing.

Plus, the bum - everywhere from the anus, the immediate surrounding area and down to the groin - is full of nerve endings waiting and wanting to be stimulated and teased and I can show you how."


For the majority of people, having a swat on the ass out of nowhere is not going to gear them up to have the most erotic spanking experience. 

Allison says it's all about the warm-up, not only will it get the bum nice and ready for what's coming but it's also going to drive your partner crazy with anticipation. 

"Begin with several light swats with the palm of the hand," she explains. "Then increase the intensity of the swats until the bum area is a nice rosy pink colour which means the bum is ready for a more sturdy spank."

If you want to drive them even more insane, try to work in some light caresses and rub the area after you swat, these different types of touch will just intensify the whole situation.


So we've all agreed that spanking is fun, but when you're in the moment just be careful not to get too ahead of yourself. 

The trick to having good sex is being able to talk about it. So communicating with your partner during spanking is a big deal. 

Allison says: "Always be aware of the person you are spanking, especially pay attention to their body language. 

Also it's perfectly OK to ask them are they alright? Are they enjoying themselves? Do they want you to go a little harder or softer." 

Although there are certain rules to follow, everyone is going to be different so it's best to ask what works for them.

Did we say crotch-less?

If you're the one who is getting spanked then this tip is one worth remembering. 

Allison says: "If you're really looking to feel something out of this world then my tip is to wear crotch-less knickers, the Persephone Thong from Coco De Mer is perfect for this.

The straps on the central part of the knickers puts pressure on the labia lips and make the area more sensitive. So when you're being spanked the already sensitive nerves will be aroused further."

Worth a try don't you think?

Go for the sweet spot

The idea of sensual spanking is to get the most pleasure out of your spank as possible, in order to do this there is a secret technique that is guaranteed to make anyone go wild. 

Alison says: "When using a paddle (wooded or leather for example) there is a little trick you can use to make him/her go into overdrive.

It's called finding the 'Sweet spot', which is the lower area of the bum. If you concentrate on spanking the sweet spot there's a high chance of orgasm."

An orgasm for spanking alone - now we're interested. 

Take one for the team

Spanking is as much as about the spanker enjoying themselves as well as the person getting spanked. For this reason its always good to have a little go on yourself before you start whipping out the paddles and floggers. 

Allison explains: "It is always a good idea to try out a potential instrument on yourself before trying it out on someone else. This way you'll have a better idea of what it feels like and how hard or soft you should go." 

It's also a case of practice makes perfect, don't think that you have to get it right the first time and if you don't, just remember spanking is supposed to be fun - don't take it too seriously.

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